Here Lies Love seems to be the talk of the town again, but can someone explain to me why people think it’s ok to glamorize her? Despite the cast, it’s mainly white male westerners (David Byrne, Fatboy Slim, Alex Timbers) behind the production and I can’t help but think this is some kind of bizarro minstrel thing. Or is it just honest exoticism? Sure she was nutty, but why give her center stage? The irony is too much I think and kind of just translates to wrong. Or are they just trying to push people’s buttons?

When I think of the 70s/80s Marcos regime, I think political oppression and the assassination of Aquino, not a dance party. It’s kind of twisted. I mean it’s cool when generous white westerners give marginalized Asians great opportunities like this, but I just wish it were less of a freak show because the performers are really talented.

Or maybe it’s supposed to be a good thing if it sparks discussion about history? Idk. I don’t get why the press applauds it.